Stein Sørensen Persontransport AS was formed in 1999 after having been a private business since 1968.
In its early days the company was a one-man business and founder Stein Arvid Sørensen provided transport of disabled people for Tromsbuss as an extra job in addition to his full-time job as a warehouse assistant at Bilgodsen in Tromsø. The founder initially used his own passenger car, a Ford 17M. In time the company developed, creating a full-time position for the founder. A new vehicle was acquired, a seven-seat Peugeot 404 Familiade, and as the volume of transport expanded the Peugeot was replaced in 1970 with a used red 10-seater minibus. In 1972 that was in turn replaced by a new yellow Hannomag. By this stage the volume of transport had increased to the extent that part-time drivers were used to carry out assignments. In 1974 an extra 15-seater Ford Transit minibus was acquired and the company employed a full-time driver to assist the founder. The company carried out transportation in two minibuses on a full-time basis.

In 1977 a yellow 10-seater Ford Transit minibus was acquired. The volume of transport was continuing to increase and our main line business was transporting disabled people from home to school and then home again. In addition, we received assignments to transport sports team and the like.

In 1980 the company acquired its first Chevrolet G30 and the volume of transport continued to increase throughout the 1980s. By the late 1980s the company was operating four minibuses, all Chevrolet, the finest of which was a Chevrolet Starcraft. Most of the drivers were students who worked part-time in addition to their studies. In the early 1990s a motivated man was employed who assisted both with driving and technical problems with the vehicles. He is now the company’s operations manager.

In the early 1990s the company’s market changed and from driving mostly schoolchildren the demand to transport heavier wheelchair users increased. This was linked to the fact that the company’s client Tromsbuss failed in its efforts with TT-driving (transportation of disabled passengers) and started to sell off purpose-built VW transporters. In 1994 the company purchased two of these buses, one of which broke down soon after the takeover. A VW transporter was then purchased from one of the institutions the company had driving contracts for. The company continued to attract new clients, both through its collaboration with Tromsbuss and with others.

From 1994 one new IVECO bus was purchased annually and the older vehicles were phased out. In 2000 the company operated eight buses, of which seven were IVECO and one Chevrolet.

In 1999 the company was converted into a limited company and sold to the founder’s children.  The founder is now the company’s board chairman but still plays an active role in company’s daily operate and has a key role in its success given his name in the market and his understanding of the market. The founder has also developed a unique understanding for planning of transport which is hard to duplicate, both internally and among competitors.

The company now employs a board chairman, operations manager and 10 drivers in addition to the general manager (the company’s founder). The general manager and administrative staff member are both involved in the daily operation as either a driver or assistant.



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